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Clean Energy Canada: On the Road to Net Zero

Not only is transportation the second-biggest source of pollution in Canada, it also has the fastest growing emissions of any sector.

Medium- and heavy-duty vehicles (MHDVs), a broad class of vehicles including everything from the local school bus to forklifts and long-haul trucks, may be small in number on Canada’s roads, but they pack an emissions punch. MHDVs represent only one out of every 10 vehicles on the road today, but they are responsible for over 6% of Canada’s total national emissions—not far behind the 11% from light-duty vehicles (LDVs). And their emissions are growing. Emissions from MHDVs have almost doubled since 1990 and are expected to surpass passenger vehicle emissions by 2031.3 In B.C., carbon pollution from medium- and heavy-duty road transport is even higher, contributing 14% of the province’s total emissions.

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