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Progress Reports

Explore the positive impact Clean Carriers are making, one eco-friendly milestone at a time.

We believe in transparency and accountability when it comes to our commitment to sustainability. The Clean Carrier Program is not just a badge; it’s a journey of continuous improvement. Discover our latest reports on the environmental impact, sustainability efforts, and achievements by Clean Carriers. From fuel efficiency gains to emissions reductions and innovative eco-practices, our reports showcase the remarkable strides taken toward a greener, cleaner future.

2023 Highlights

Cleaner Transportation

Every truck certified as a Clean Carrier eliminates emissions equivalent to those produced by 5 passenger vehicles each year.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Every certified truck saves greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to carbon sequestered by 29 acres of forest in one year


The program was developed drawing on insights and expertise from an advisory committee comprised of industry leaders.

Progress Reports

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Join the growing community of sustainability leaders. Our Clean Carrier Program participants are committed to environmental responsibility, demonstrating that a cleaner, greener future is not just a goal but a shared reality.

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